The Buffs play Stanford on Saturday and ya girl will be there
  1. Ralphie
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    Ralphie is the most badass mascot. Watching her run on the field is a delight (and arguably more entertaining than the game)
  2. The flatirons
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    This view never gets old.
  3. I mean seriously
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  4. A strong island from Half Fast
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    Nothing says reliving your college glory days like a pitcher full of alcohol to drink all to yourself
  5. My name written on the ceiling at the Sink
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    Gotta make sure it's still there
  6. The Bus Stop
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    Just kidding I really hope I don't end up at The Bus Stop. Ahhh memories.
  7. Boulder weirdos
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    If I'm really lucky Fletcher will make an appearance
  8. And the weirdest of the Boulder weirdos
    My friends 👯👯👯