1. Cry on public transportation.
    Lots of times in NYC you wish your home or car were easily accessible but alas they are not. This happens more often than I'd like to admit.
  2. Think $15 for a shitty lunch is a good deal.
    "Wow this chicken is like not that dry and it came with stale chips? What a steal."
  3. Smell poop and not vomit.
    Anywhere else that steamy shit aroma would be puke inducing but in the city it's just like mildly unpleasant.
  4. Root for the Mets
    I'm a Giants fan through and through but ugh
  5. Consider this an average view.
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    I was #blessed with views upon views growing up in the High Sierra and then moving to the Rockies, but it is pretty cool that this is a normal view for me these days.