S&A's Bucket List

This list is reserved for someone special. And, although it may take a goddam lifetime to make it happen... I'd rather plan and wait patiently for him... and in time, my dreams will then become realized.
  1. See Yanni Live
  2. Charter Fishing in Florida
  3. See a meteor shower
  4. Learn something new
  5. Take either a cooking class and/or a wine class
  6. Visit the Maldives and stay in one of those "over the water huts"
  7. Go back to Miami
  8. Go dancing
    Suit up!!
  9. Dim Sum
    No sushi.
  10. Visit a winery
  11. Swim in an infinity pool at night
  12. Take a walk through the most amazing flower garden.
  13. See Japanese fireworks... In Japan.
  14. Charter a yacht and sail the Caribbean for at least 1 month
    my #1 all time bucket list item!!! Sail from Miami to the Bahamas to the Exuma islands the Turks and Caicos.
  15. Rent an RV and go to Burning Man
  16. Go to Albuquerque to see the Balloon Festival
  17. Attend the Abu Dhabi annual yacht show.
  18. Take flight in a bi-plane.
  19. Attend a Gatsby party.
    You in a tux and me in something that sparkles.
  20. Visit Aspen.
  21. Visit nashville
  22. See the trans Siberian orchestra
  23. Visit Iceland's Blue Lagoon
  24. Help to clean up the ocean.
  25. Visit MoMA
  26. See Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds live
  27. Bet on a horse... and hopefully win
  28. Ice fishing
    Design our own little fishing shack with all the modern conveniences of course
  29. Learn to Scuba Dive and Visit cubas Jardines reef.
  30. Travel the Great Loop!! 🛥🌊
  31. See a DCI show together (google it).
  32. Visit Destin, Fl.
  33. Go to a DCI show (Drum Corps International)