In order of most likely to actually happen.
  1. My friends support it.
    I'm not saying I need my friends to support me via likes and relists but it'd be nice if they did.
  2. I'll get at least 1 comment saying my list is funny.
    Maybe my humor doesn't translate well to list because I am hilarious and real life people would love the shit I write in my lists if I said them in real life.
  3. I'll get a ton of likes and relists and new followers.
    I'm super disappointed that my 3 lists have not yet made me list famous.
  4. @bjnovak will find my lists.
    I'd love a comment but even a relist or like would do.
  5. I'll find the love of my life.
    First, they'll relist me. Then, they'll comment on how relatable they found my list. I'll check out they're I have a list crush? This goes on back and forth for a while. We start following each other on Twitter. Find out we'll be in the same place so we decide to meet up. Maybe it's a list event because in this scenario we are both list famous. We click immediately. The rest is happily ever after.
  6. #5 happens to be about @bjnovak