Things That Inevitably Happen When My Family Visits

I love them. They love me. They're trying to be helpful but we usually get annoyed with each other.
  1. The TV is always on
    Like right now. My parents left for church an hour ago and I'm in my room and can hear some Sunday morning show I'd never watch.
  2. I get guilted about not going to church
    Halfway through my rant to my mom about how their church goings really put a damper on our Sunday morning plans (brunch and the farmer's market) my dad says to me "You're not coming to church with us" followed by a judgy grunt noise. Unnecessary.
  3. Something important gets thrown away
    This time it was my ice cream. This was what happened when I confronted my dad about it... Me: I can't believe you threw away my ice cream. Dad: It was empty. Me: IT HAD 3 GOOD BITES LEFT THAT I WAS SAVING FOR A RAINY DAY! Dad (very sarcastically): Well I'm very sorry.
  4. My adulting skills get insulted
    Mainly this has to do with my cleaning skills...or lack there of. Like the 8 empty bottles of wine I had next to my trash can in a "recycling" pile that had really just become a staple of my apartment. My parents didn't need to address it they could have just quietly throw them out. Instead my mom decided to ask me if I was saving them for anything special and when I replied no they are in my recycling pile she laughed. Just rude.
  5. The windows are always open
    The weather where I live is currently uncharacteristically cold but all my dad knows is that I live in California so the weather does not matter and all the windows MUST be open. My apartment is so cold right now.
  6. My laundry gets done
    This is actually pretty awesome and the best way to end this list because it's mainly been complaining and I really do love it when my family visits.