Books I Have Read More Than Once

I don't re-read books. Too many new ones I want to read, too little time. With these 3 exceptions:
  1. Pride & Prejudice 💸
    First read in high school, the second reading was selected mainly because I was broke and could only afford a very old second hand book at the local book exchange and the BBC TV series was being broadcast and I was high on Austen (or Colin Firth). Fortunately I discovered a stash of Georgette Heyers on my next visit to the book exchange.
  2. Harriet The Spy 🗑
    First read in primary school, the second was accidental. I was cleaning out my bookshelves, picked it up and an hour later was still standing on the step ladder, reading it.
  3. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone ✈️
    I started reading it the first time in Leura on a day trip on the car ride home. Years later, I finished my book an hour into a flight from Brisbane to Perth with no inflight entertainment available. In prep for flight back to Sydney, the next morning, using the only free time I had - unfortunately before any bookstores opened - the only thing I could find at Target that wasn't crime or horrible mass market crap was Harry Potter. A lifesaver.
  4. I can't remember the title 🤔
    I realised somewhere near the end that is already read it, and forgot. And now I can't remember what the book was even though I've read it twice. It was THAT forgettable.