As I settle in to winter hibernation, I make an account of the K-dramas I love so that others may discover the magical world of Korean TV. These are not necessarily what I think are the best made dramas but they are the ones that have stuck with me the most. Also all of these are 20 episodes or less.
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    This is my number one for all time and has action, comedy, romance, and amazing female characters as well as amazing acting and...Ji Chang Wook. Hard to describe the plot, but basically it's superman without super powers.
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    Angry Mom
    Mom, daughter and misfits fight the patriarchy. Like a dark version of Gilmore Girls. The mom was a gangster in her youth and when she finds out her daughter is being bullied she dresses as a teenager and goes back to school to beat up the culprits. It's honestly a weird show but I LOVE it and think everyone should watch it once. Also think it should be studied as a feminist text but whatever...
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    Misaeng//The Incomplete Life
    The dark version of The Office. Four young interns try to deal with being the bottom rung of a large trading company, while their bosses reflect on the sacrifices they have made for their work life. These people felt like old friends by the time I finished this show. I will love it forever.
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    School 2013
    This one is slower paced but has great characters and my favorite bromance. It's about a high school class and their homeroom teachers.
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    Scent of a Woman
    This is arguably the most melodramatic/k-drama-y k-drama on this list but I love it. It's a woman-finds-out-she-has-a-terminal-illness-and-changes-her-life story but I hate those stories and I LOVE this. I laughed, I cried, and it left me with a warm heart and glad that I had watched it, which I did not expect.
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    The Master's Sun
    A romantic comedy that DID make me cry. A woman haunted by ghosts finds a man who can make them disappear...the only problem is that the man is a wealthy jerk who hates her.
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    Reply 1997
    A nostalgic look at what it was like to be a teenager in the 90's. I loved it so much even though I didn't know the bands/pop culture referenced because the teenage experience is universal.
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    Oh My Ghostess
    Not a perfect show but hilarious with one of my favorite casts. A ghost with a virginity grudge inhabits a super shy girl and hijinks ensue.
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    Queen In-Hyun's Man
    Probably one of the most romantic things I've ever seen. The guard of a queen time travels to the future and falls in love with an actress. The love story made me look past some egregious time travel logic 😅
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    Age of Youth
    Stories of five college roommates. This was a last minute switch with another drama for the tenth slot, but I just love this drama so much even though it has weak moments and couldn't not mention it. Many people don't like the first episode (I personally did), so I recommend giving it at least two episodes.
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    BONUS: Splish Splash Love
    The title is dumb but this is only three episodes long and SO good! Time travel romance with a lot of heart and humor. The lead actress is now one of my favorites.
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    Listen I just really recommend you try out watching some of these even if just to see what quality TV not in America looks like...but if you don't want to: