1. Ginger
    Ginger was our first guinea pig and quite the momma. She had 3 sets of babies, 4 then 2 and then another 4. I think with all different poppas but I can't remember now. She was a sweetie
  2. Zuzu
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    We had a Rottweiler, Greta, when I was a baby and she pushed me over at one point and I was traumatized for years and never wanted a dog. My parents decided to get a yellow lab and I was unsure of her and then she pooped on me on the car ride bringing her home for the first time and let me tell you I then really wanted nothing to do with her. However, this little puppy changed my life, I could probably write a book about her. We said goodbye to her 3 years ago and it still chokes me up.
  3. Noodle
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    We rescued a dachshund when my older sister went to college, and he was just a mess. I don't know who could abuse such a sweet loving boy. Zuzu did not like him, but eventually she came around. Every day he gets cuter and cuter. He is my most loyal companion
  4. Lucy
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    Also a dachshund rescue, Lucy is the strangest dog I have ever met. She didn't fit into our family for quite some time..it actually took her a few years to start regularly wagging her tail. She is the sweetest most spoiled dog now. She sleeps win her tongue out and is very vocal, especially when it is time for breakfast and dinner. She is my best friend and the funniest dog I've ever known.