1. Diving into the ocean when it's crystal clear
  2. Warm cookies from the oven
  3. A hug that you know really means something
  4. Crunchy fall leaves
  5. Sunday morning coffee in pjs
  6. Finishing a book that was SO GOOD that you didn't want it to end
  7. Seeing something so beautiful it takes your breath away
  8. The first crocuses that come through the earth in the spring like champions
  9. Oreos with milk
  10. Going for a run and not wanting to die every moment
  11. The way puppies have no control over their tails--gets me everytime
  12. Seeing your favorite bands/singers in concert and just being blown away by their talent
  13. Perfect weather--different for everyone which makes almost every day a good day
  14. So many more.