1. Flight to JFK cancelled
  2. Rebooked on a flight to JFK which arrived over 4 hours late at 2am
  3. Photographer and food stylist complaining two of my recipes are monochromatic
  4. Security guard at the Hilton Midtown demanding to see my room key when I hadn't even checked in yet.
  5. Uber pool guy wearing enough cologne to choke a horse
  6. Tall creepy guy sitting next to me on plane crushing an empty plastic bottle for hours
  7. Middle seat that wouldn't recline in the plane and no underseat space for my carryon bag
  8. Check in not entering my Hilton Honors card so no free wifi
  9. Interviewed by a reporter at the San Jose Merc about the Tartine and Blue Bottle merger and then seeing I wasn't quoted in the article