Food in My Fridge

Just finished a massive recipe development project
  1. Spicy sausage gumbo
    Possibly my favorite recipe
  2. Roasted Italian sausages and grapes
    A classic but good
  3. Baked buns stuffed with mushrooms and onions and sausage
    Crazy good and easy to make with frozen bread dough
  4. Braised turkey with apricot mustard sauce
    Took 4 tries to get this right. Turkey drumettes are a pain to cook.
  5. Bratwurst cabbage apple hand pies
    One of my most original creations and a hit
  6. Sausages peppers and onions with polenta
    Another classic the polenta has fontina
  7. Spinach goat cheese stuffed turkey
    So pretty!
  8. Breakfast sausage links with roasted fennel and apples
    Hard to think of what to do with breakfast links but this has a healthy twist to it.