If you're not local you wouldn't understand
  1. Critical mass
    You either love it or hate it, no middle ground
  2. The Tuesday noon siren
    It's oddly comforting
  3. Your own local farmers market
    Because the Ferry Plaza is for tourists and chefs
  4. Hating MUNI
    Unless perhaps if you never use it
  5. Parking hell at Trader Joes
    Unless you go to the one in North Beach
  6. Bakery bliss
    We got this
  7. Old school ice cream and new school ice cream
    Mitchell's and Swensen's versus Humphry Slocimbe and BiRite
  8. Old school donuts and new school donuts
    Bob's versus Dynamo
  9. Seafood anywhere except the wharf
  10. Locals only perks
    Like entrance to the SF Botanical Gardens and discount at the Japanese tea garden
  11. $7 flat fee Uber Pool
    Please don't let it end!
  12. Fleet Week
    Suggested by @dball
  13. Folsom street fair
    The only of its kind.
    Suggested by @swhatley