Stuff you can make without a stove or any cooking skills whatsoever
  1. Prosciutto & pear bites
    Fold up the prosciutto on top of a cube of pear, stab with a toothpick
  2. Dried fruit stuffed with goat cheese
    Try dried apricots and prunes, add chopped almonds or pistachios if you like
  3. Cold tofu with ginger & scallions
    Drizzle with soy sauce or ponzu sauce
  4. Cucumber slices topped with shrimp salad
    Shrimp salad=bay shrimp, mayo and lemon
  5. Hummus topped with pomegranate seeds
    Pine nuts and olive oil is good too
  6. Antipasto kebabs
    Mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and salami
  7. Crackers with smoked salmon & avocado
    Good on seedy whole grain bread too, toasted or not