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  1. Bottled water selection, Le Bon Marché, Paris 😳
  2. Bradley Cooper in a French ad for ice cream, Paris
  3. My dog Sophie and her friend Walter in the dog park, NYC
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@thelistapp seriously I've been wondering
  1. I'm in my early 40's. Does that make me the oldest person here?
  2. If I am the oldest person, can I be the cool mom for the app?
    Ask me anything! 40 years on this earth have given me a ton of non-judgy, yet slightly "When I was your age..." advice to dispense.
  3. As the app mom, I'd promise not to ask too many questions about how to use electronics
    I typed something and the screen is blank. Did I break it?!
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Thai-inspired rolled ice cream at 10Below in Chinatown, NYC. The actual ice cream is made to order 🍦🍦🍦
  1. What I had: Rolled s'mores ice cream with Teddy Grahams and a toasted marshmallow on top
  2. My husband had: Banana Nutella rolled ice cream with pretzels
  3. They pour the ice cream mixture on to a sort of magic icy surface, add ingredients, spread it around till it freezes and then scrape it into rolls
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  1. 1.
    When you're married: You always have a date for New Year's Eve parties. 🎉
  2. 2.
    When you're married: Ugh, New Year's Eve parties!? We're too old for that crap, let's stay in and try to stay up long enough to watch the ball drop on TV. 😬
Each bodega is different - aside from sandwiches, drinks and coffee, here are some things I spotted in my neighborhood store today
  1. Lay's Limón? New to me
  2. Flowers
    Nothing says "I was too lazy to go to a florist but at least I didn't come to your party empty handed" like a bunch of these beauties
  3. KALE oatmeal raisin cookies? 😑
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Friends, family and -
  1. Sophie's Christmas sweater
    The diva refused to look at the camera
  2. This note from my dad
    Post it note stuck on his homemade fruitcake
  3. The face our cat made
    Please someone add some meme text to this?
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  1. Things you must see or do before you die
    Everything you see or do on this earth will likely happen before you die.
  2. Borderline genius
    It's genius or it's not. I'm practically Einstein for knowing this.
  3. Easy Open
    Nothing that claims to be easy to open ever opens easily.
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Thanks for the suggestion @ChrisK 😍 Here they are, fresh off the top of my Holiday-overloaded head
  1. Kay Thompson's Eloise, Illustrated by Hilary Knight
    About a quirky little girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Sure, she's a snob who is interested in people "only when they're not boring," but she lives in the PLAZA and has a pug and a turtle. I was enchanted by all of this as a child. Though I don't live in the Plaza, I did move from the Midwest to NYC. Thanks, Eloise! (And the brilliant Kay Thompson. If you don't know her, I recommend the film Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. Thompson's number "Think Pink" is to die for)
  2. Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass
    When I first moved to NYC from Kansas, I lived in Brooklyn Heights, also Whitman's former home. When I felt overwhelming culture shock, I'd sit on the promenade looking at the city. When I discovered the poem "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" and read this line "Just as you feel when you look at the river and sky, so I felt..." I felt a kindred spirit reaching me across the years. The poem still gets to me and Leaves of Grass is an incredible collection.
  3. Ina Garten: Barefoot in Paris
    Strolling around Paris markets and cooking French food. I could live that life. Actually I get to do that about twice a year! For the other months, it's Ina and her cookbook-induced deliciousness.
  4. Stephen Sondheim: Finishing the Hat (collected lyrics)
    Really listening to Sondheim lyrics (and singing them) feels like wearing perfectly tailored clothing. The dizzying, perfect rhymes, their logic and Sondheim's sophistication are the world we already live in. I wish our thoughts could be expressed with such perfect wit and emotion. I'd quote a song but most of the lyrics are too long for the list app 😉
It's fun living here at Christmas time
  1. The lights all along the iron fences at Madison Square Park
  2. Internationally delicious pastries. Buche de Noel? Oui! (Eric Kayser)
  3. Listening to tourists as they turn a corner and see the Rockefeller Center tree for the first time. "Woah, It's so much bigger than I thought!" or "There it is, buddy, look up!"
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  1. Someone sent me this. Made me laugh
  2. Me, pretending to be the Phantom of the Opera at the Paris Opera House
    iPhone mask
  3. The Clocktower restaurant in NYC served us desserts in an antique tin. Looked it up on eBay. Guess I should have put it in my bag $$
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