Thanks for the suggestion @ChrisK 😍 Here they are, fresh off the top of my Holiday-overloaded head
  1. Kay Thompson's Eloise, Illustrated by Hilary Knight
    About a quirky little girl who lives at the Plaza Hotel in NYC. Sure, she's a snob who is interested in people "only when they're not boring," but she lives in the PLAZA and has a pug and a turtle. I was enchanted by all of this as a child. Though I don't live in the Plaza, I did move from the Midwest to NYC. Thanks, Eloise! (And the brilliant Kay Thompson. If you don't know her, I recommend the film Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. Thompson's number "Think Pink" is to die for)
  2. Walt Whitman: Leaves of Grass
    When I first moved to NYC from Kansas, I lived in Brooklyn Heights, also Whitman's former home. When I felt overwhelming culture shock, I'd sit on the promenade looking at the city. When I discovered the poem "Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" and read this line "Just as you feel when you look at the river and sky, so I felt..." I felt a kindred spirit reaching me across the years. The poem still gets to me and Leaves of Grass is an incredible collection.
  3. Ina Garten: Barefoot in Paris
    Strolling around Paris markets and cooking French food. I could live that life. Actually I get to do that about twice a year! For the other months, it's Ina and her cookbook-induced deliciousness.
  4. Stephen Sondheim: Finishing the Hat (collected lyrics)
    Really listening to Sondheim lyrics (and singing them) feels like wearing perfectly tailored clothing. The dizzying, perfect rhymes, their logic and Sondheim's sophistication are the world we already live in. I wish our thoughts could be expressed with such perfect wit and emotion. I'd quote a song but most of the lyrics are too long for the list app 😉