Hurry. You've got a lot to do and no train to catch.
  1. The Terminal. It's Grand Central Terminal, not Station. Example: It's like Grand Central Terminal in here!
  2. View from the Apple Store on the mezzanine. If you turn away from the frazzled iPeople looking for Geniuses, you'll get a nice closeup of the chandeliers and that starry ceiling. Instagram awaits.
  3. Irving Farm Coffee, located downstairs, has a nice latte. One size. Don't order a large and confuse the serious coffee slinging hipsters. There's a Magnolia Bakery down there too. If you must, please have the banana pudding. Leave those precious little sugar bomb cupcakes in the 90's with Carrie Bradshaw.
  4. Stand by the clock and look up past the Apple Store. Sometimes you'll catch silhouettes of people walking between the giant arched windows. Those are GCT employees going between their offices.
  5. Just outside GCT, the new UrbanSpace Vanderbilt food hall. Have a couple of Dough doughnuts while you decide what to eat for lunch.
  6. Grand Central Market, in the terminal. Fresh food of all colors and textures. My favorites: Murray's Cheese (samples!) and Eli's Bread (goes with cheese).
  7. Shop for household trinkets at Cursive or cheeky, brightly colored gifts at Pylones. To remember the glorious ride you've had on the NYC subway, pick up a train logo t-shirt in the MTA store.
  8. If you make an Instagram masterpiece, tag it with #sharegct Maybe they'll share your photo and you'll feel like an important artist.
  9. The Campbell Apartment. Fabulously old school cocktails and gilded architecture. One (pricey) drink should do, it's a place to begin or end an evening out.
  10. Take a train somewhere. It's a working station and a hub for several subway lines. Check the boards so you won't get lost. When in doubt, maybe you can run up to the Apple Store. I hear they've got Geniuses up there.