I did all of these things
  1. Go out (after you said you would not)
  2. Go home at a reasonable time & then get convinced you should go out AGAIN
  3. Give your friends (for the second time going out) your address so their uber can pick you up
  4. Give the uber driver a 5 star rating (we went like a weird way & he dropped us off way far away)
  5. But also not know the word for rating in Spanish so just saying "ya cinco estrellas cinco estrellas"
  6. Go to a bar w happy hour & mojitos
  7. Order two rounds of mojitos
  8. Be the only ones out on a Thursday night bc people in Santiago like don't do thirsty Thursday
  9. Convince your taxi driver who took you home that you and your friends are from Toronto and your parents are best friends bc they met at the University of Toronto when they were in college
  10. Find out that one of your friends dad actually went to the university of Toronto and this friend has dual Canadian citizenship
  11. Pay ~$3 for your share of the cab
  12. Get 2.5 hours of sleep before you have to go meet your friends at the airport
  13. Write this list while you are hungover drinking coffee w 2.5 hours of sleep and will be late to meet your friends at the airport