Crushes for the Week of 5/23/16

I have a lot of crushes. Some are on real people, fictional characters, dead people and items of clothing. It's weird, and I'm weird, which is awesome.
  1. My new purse, with a cup holder.
    Look at it. It's totally awesome. Look at the pockets. I regret nothing.
  2. @mdabski's weekly lists.
    Ok. So Maryann only has written two lists, but they're awesome. She has genuinely good taste and is super cool. I think MaryAnn could totally have a great lifestyle brand, but she's too cool for that.
  3. The Cast of The Craft
    Before American Horror Story or even Buffy, there was The Craft. I watched this on Monday, with no regrets. It really set the standard for what we expect in Teen or New Adult supernatural films.
  4. Shai, Protagonist of The Emperor's Soul.
    It's a novella, so just buy it on the Kindle and understand why I love her. She gets why I love impossible, stressful, but rewarding projects. It's a love letter to artists, writers and researchers.
  5. Henry Standing Bear, Longmire.
    Henry's probably old enough to be my dad, but I do not care. Henry is selfless, genuine and has freckles. I like that he's the voice of reason, because I need more reason in my life. Also, his name is Henry, which is my top pick for a boy's name if I ever have a son.
  6. Officer Furiosa
    While writing this post, I ran into "Officer Furiosa" while taking out the trash. She works the area where I live, and is a beautiful, deadly tropical fish, who can kill with a glance. She's everything. I want to make friends, but she could totally kill me. She's probably a secret Navy SEAL or something.