I want to have children, like, desperately. However, I work constantly, and enjoy doing whatever I want, whenever I want. Obviously, having children isn't a good idea. So, here are the names that I've selected over the last decade
  1. Margaret "Maggie" Mayhem
    I saw Whip It years ago and fell in love with Kristen Wigg's character. Any daughter of mine will be mayhem, and this name feels perfect for a future child.
  2. Boudica Elizabeth or Elizabeth Boudica
    Boudica was the Queen of the Inceni tribe, and led a revolt against the Roman Empire. She allegedly did many scary and badass things, to avenge her family and people. I'm pretty sure that my future daughter will hate her name, as it will be butchered by everyone but her Latin teacher. She'll probably use Elizabeth, but I'd like to think I'd call her Bodie.
  3. Ripley
    If you haven't seen the original Alien, then you don't know why I'd name a daughter Ripley. I don't know what her other name would be, something conventional so she's not tormented at school.