Subscription Box for Teachers

I am a high school World History teacher, and I do not need a curated list of make up or whatever. I need a quarterly subscription box with the following items...
  1. Hand Sanitizer
    Oh my god. Everyone is so gross all the time. We had a rotovirus hit the middle school, and all their older siblings got sick too..
  2. Pens
    I use a lot of pens. My kids steal a lot of pens. I currently like these because I can erase things when I make mistakes when sleep-deprived.
  3. Stress Toys
    That was me on Thursday after school, then I started crying. Nooope. AP testing hasn't even started yet..
  4. Candy
    For our students or to silence our feelings of inadequacy and worry about our students.
  5. Caffeine
    I would send it to teachers in any and all forms: hand soap, drinks, lotion or aerosol spray. Is it a drug? Yes. Is our addiction to it bad? Do we really need to ask ourselves that, or do we need to be figuring out how to prepare our students to pass the end of course exams?
  6. Tissues
    Everyone brings us tissues at the start of the year, but they're all gone by March and April. Allergy season. Do you know what it's like to be stuck in a room with 35 kids all snuffling their noses? We should play that sound over the loud speakers pointed at North Korea, because they would surrender immediately.
  7. Post-It Notes
    Last year, what I was really sad I bought myself the treasure box full of post it notes. I regret nothing. I still have tons of post it notes, for the first time in my entire career. Everyone should have lots of post it notes to use.
  8. Something encouraging.
    It would be super cool if in the subscription box, we got a copy of a letter from a famous person or someone talking about how teachers and education made their lives better. These letters would be good reminders that teaching is a long game, and that I'm working for the future, rather than the present.
  9. Best Practices of the Qua
    I feel like there's always a piece of instructional technology, or some best practices that comes out in the middle of a quarter that I miss out on. I'd like some tips or free trials for instructional tech.
  10. A time turner
    DARPA, get on this one. I have so much to do so little time to accomplish it. By the time I get home, I am too brain-dead to do anything. It would be great if I could sleep the entire night, do my time turner go back and work during those hours I was sleeping....
  11. If you're a teacher, I'd love to know what you would put in a subscription box to send to other teachers or to yourself. I really would send all of you that giant box of Post-it's and a time turner.