Things I Hate: Academia Edition

So, I'm a high school teacher, but I have a major passion for the academic study of World History. I read journal articles for fun, I save money for months to attend conferences... It's a thing. Whatever.
  1. People who attend a panel about a subject they hate.
    Guys, if you think that subjects like transnational or World History is stupid, don't go to the panel. It's that simple. If you go to the panel or even worse SPEAK on the panel about the subject you hate, folks will come for you. Don't be shocked when people are pissed off ok?
  2. Armchair Historians
    Ok. This is a very specific hate. These are the guys that spend hours watching the History channel and then like to try and tell working historians how to do their jobs. They're likely to tell you that history is about memorizing FACTS and stuff, than learning about nuanced interpretation.
  3. The people who didn't read but are trying to discuss.
  4. Foucault.
    A necessary, important evil.
  5. Ancient Aliens
    I hate this guy because he is trying to attribute some of the greatest accomplishments in human history to aliens. Shut uuuuup.