Things I'm actually thinking about

A list of stuff I thought about at work, while waiting for the last day of school to be over
  1. When are Stiles and Lydia getting together?!!
    I love Teen Wolf. They have great chemistry. Shush.
  2. Can I just dump everything in a box and pretend it's fine?
    I'm moving next week, and I hate the entire process. I'd rather burn my house down than move. Thank god for movers.
  3. You have tests today, why don't you have a pencil?!
    Nuff said. I
  4. Wow. I just got the standardized testing schedule for next year, while giving final exams. Is this awesome, or the worst?
    My county is pretty organized, which is nice, but it's like having one countdown clock start right as the last seconds tick down. I ended up putting all the dates in my new calendar for next school year.
  5. I've got so much grey hair. Thanks.
    Stress, bro. Stress.
  6. Oh god. Mark is still out of town, I have to cook for myself.
    I hate cooking. Unless it's a holiday.
  7. Why didn't I pack any snacks? God, I need snacks.
    When you're used to eating lunch at 10:20 and not eating until noon is basically torture.