Tomorrow, at 8 o'clock, I am moving to a new apartment away from the scary complex I live in now. Seriously, multiple shootings and murders have happened here! I am about 90% packed, but that 10% is killing me
  1. Read random shipper fan fiction on ao3.
  2. Slept for about a day, if you combine the amount I slept on Monday and Tuesday..
  3. Ate Hot Pockets
  4. Watched romantic comedies
    The Holiday, She's the Man, the Decoy Bride etc...
  5. Read more shipper fan ficrion
  6. Posted Facebook statuses about not being done packing
    Which alarmed my husband who is in New York for the week..
  7. Took two baths, never drying or styling my hair
  8. Repeatedly lay in my bed thinking, "This is going to be awful tomorrow if you don't do this stuff now."
  9. Looked for my checkbook that I packed in a box
    After getting sassy with my husband about knowing where it was...
  10. Wrote some drafts