My husband is adorable and patient. He hates literally everyone and everything. On paper, we do not make any sense at all, but it works. It's awesome. I like that he still surprises me.
  1. He watches The Voice and America's Got Talent
  2. He gets together with other dudes online and they paint miniatures while chatting on Hangouts
    It's awesome. Sort of like a crafty version of how I talk about fanfic with friends on What's App
  3. He watched an episode of Modern Family
    And liked it? I don't know.
  4. He eats pickled herring.
  5. He sometimes thinks that I'll notice stuff, that's like subtle or communicated via hint dropping
    Hahahahahahahaha. I don't do subtle.
  6. He doesn't think cardigans can have zippers
    "No, it's a zip up sweater. I am not the sort of dude that wears cardigans."