Sad background: I've been estranged from my family since 2009, it was my call, and a good decision. It's been a hard week, and I want to call my mom. She and I have never had a good relationship, but in these weak moments, I forget. Instead of calling my mom (which I haven't wanted to do in a very long time) here is a list about us.
  1. Vincent Van Gogh (and other impressionists)
    The first thing I remember agreeing with my mom on, was art. She introduced me to the impressionists, in particular van Gogh. I remember going to New York City as a kid, and seeing my mother cry overseeing this painting, "the Olive Grove " in MOMA.
  2. Heath Ledger 10 things I Hate About You
    This movie came out when I was in like, 12th grade and my mom loved it. We saw two or three times together.
  3. Alfred Hitchcock
  4. Depressing and short, but I'm sure I'll remember more...