Inspired by @marcikm
  1. Reading: The Raven King
    Because I like trash YA novels. I'm a sucker for an easy read. And this one has a bit of fantasy to it, so I'm all about it.
  2. Watching: everything. I watch so much tv. Right now I don't have a series I'm very involved in. Recently I've been watching Workaholics. It's nice to have on something mindless at night and I can scroll through my phone and not have to worry about missing something.
    I also love their friendship. Where's my squad?!
  3. Listening to: all the Spotify playlists.
    I listen to music all day every day at work and I feel like I'm tired of all the songs. I'm taking suggestions!
  4. Deciding: whether or not to start looking for a new job. Not sure if I should start before or after my vacation.
    I have been procrastinating quitting/getting a new job for 4 years now. 🆒🆒🆒
  5. Anticipating: my 30th birthday trip (June 17th) with my best friends.
    It took forever but we finally booked our trip to Punta Cana! I'm so excited! I don't care if I'm basic as fuck for choosing an all inclusive tourist vacation spot. #gimmeallthedrinks
  6. Loving: hmm. 🤔 that's a hard one. I guess I'm loving the change I'm seeing in my body.
    I've been working really hard since February to lose weight (for birthday trip and just because I wasn't healthy) and I'm finally seeing results. Down 33 pounds and have a lot more to go but it's changed my attitude and self confidence immensely. I use this as my motivation photo. 5 years ago. I want it back!
  7. Eating: nothing at the moment, but I'm following a Keto diet. I eat very low carb and high fat. It's definitely working so far! Plus I don't feel deprived of bread as much cuz I get to eat lots of cheese and butter and meats. 🤗
  8. Wanting: 👆🏼 that being said. I want pizza. And cake.
    Or pizza cake.
  9. Avoiding: all of my responsibilities. As usual. 💁🏼