Inspired by @michellejennifer
  1. I used to salt my food because I thought it cooled it off.
  2. Once, an adult saw that I had a bandaid on my knee and said, "aw, you have a boo boo!" I immediately replied by flashing them and saying, "no, dees my boo boos! (then pointed to my knee and said) this is my owie!"
  3. I called the twin Dalmatians next door "both the same." As far as I knew, that was their name(s).
  4. When I was two, I had a pair of black patent leather shoes that were my favorite. They became too small and my mom put them away. I dug them out and wore them around for the afternoon while I played and they gave me blisters.
    I asked my mom why and she said, "those darn shoes!" All patent black shoes were henceforth known as darn shoes. "Mommy, please can I wear my darn shoes?!"
  5. Thought they were saying going to the Jack O'lantern and I'm gonna get married
    In the song "Going to the Chapel of Love"
  6. When I was 11, I was trying to be helpful and do the dishes and I started the dishwasher. About 15 minutes later, I went back in the kitchen and bubbles/foam was EVERYWHERE. I didn't know you couldn't use dishsoap in the dishwasher.
    How is one to know that?? 🤔
  7. Static