Alternatively titled: I'm Nick Miller.
  1. I'm wearing an outfit I despise and someone compliments me on it.
    I put it on out of sheer laziness and lack of clean laundry
  2. People ask you about "how something was" when they knew you were at the event the day prior.
    How was the game?! Fine. Am I supposed to go into huge detail? I know you don't truly care. Same when people ask about my weekend or the holidays. Boo small talk with people you don't care about. #sorrycoworkers
  3. I put on lipstick and it looks like shit.
    It's bright; I'm committed now. Fml.
  4. When people drop a hint about something hoping you'll ask about it.
    I'm not gonna beg you. Tell me if you want to. Or don't. Bye!
  5. People drive in my blind spot for extended periods of time.
    You're lucky I don't have time to get in an accident. I still think it would be your fault.
  6. This is definitely not an exhaustive list. I'm just tired of thinking of things I hate. Plus I sound like a bitch. 💁🏼