Having my own place and getting to decorate however I want has made me so happy! And I'm not done. Still got custom curtains to hang that are gonna be fly af. And once I finish recovering my dining table chairs, they'll be adorable. And my bookshelf needs painting/refinishing so I can finally put my books on it.
  1. Don't mind the cat tree 😁
  2. My favorite table with some shit I like on it
  3. From the other side
  4. Freddie in the window
    He follows me everywhere so I can never run outside and catch a photo of him from outside. I like to imagine people seeing him and it making their day a little better. What's cuter than a cat in the window?!
  5. My fake succulent
    It used to be the tiniest cutest Venus fly trap I got while visiting San Francisco, but I killed it almost immediately. So now it's filled with a fake because I haven't figured out how not to kill plants. 🌵🔫
  6. Can't show you the table or the tv yet cuz they're not ready for viewing. 🙅🏼
  7. Oh, and my room is trash. 👍🏼
  8. Got some little lights at target and put them in this purple bowl/vase I had. I love the reflection it makes in the mirrored side table.