Because I've never made a list and I love emojis. Anyone who doesn't must not live a good life.
  1. 😩
    This is always my first or second most frequently used. I love it. I think it has just the right amount of emotion that I want to portray.
  2. 😂
  3. 2nd most frequent. Love using it in reply to things that are funny instead of saying lol.
  4. 🎉
  5. 💁🏼
    For when I don't know any other way to say, this is just how I am.
  6. 😳
    Shock. Embarrassment. So many other things.
  7. 🔫
    For when I'm mad or hate my life.
  8. 🤗
    One of my favorite of the new ones. Such a happy lil guy that also conveys "surprise, bitch!"