1. IBS commercial cartoon
    Have you seen this guy? Cracks me up! I like to send this pic to friends.
  2. Cheap good restaurants in Atlanta
    Terrible grammar, I know. I live here and I never know where to eat. Also broke right now, hence the cheap part.
  3. Who is Demi Lovato dating
    Don't judge; I just saw somewhere she was dating Wilmer Valderama (or however tf you spell it) and wanted to confirm. I think he's too old for her.
  4. Is croup contagious for adults
    My friend's snot nosed lil one has croup so she had to cancel our plans. Then she was like, "you can come over and hang out though!" Hard pass. Even though the answer to the question is no.
  5. Gemini horoscope
    Sometimes I like to check. 🔮♊️
  6. Nick Cannon hands
    I saw a tumblr post that triggered this. Still do not understand.
  7. iPhone wireless charging
    I need it in my liiiiife! Get on it, Apple!