Highly unusual for me. 🙃
  1. Woke up before noon
  2. Exercised!
    Orange Theory Fitness for the 5th time this week! 🎉💪🏼🍊
  3. Cleaned my kitchen
  4. Cleaned the litterbox/bathroom 🚽
  5. Went through and cleansed with Sage 🔮
  6. Cleared off a countertop that had shit on it since the day i moved in (back in September)
  7. I windexed all glass surfaces AND dusted 👀
  8. Finally used painters tape to secure down my gallery wall
    Thx to my cat, Freddie since he is always making that shit crooked
  9. Might actually read a book
  10. Hopefully all this productivity made up for me staying naked in my bed watching tv all day yesterday 🛌
    I only got up to eat; it was glorious. Ps. Thank goodness they added a bed with the last emoji update - I was seriously dying without it