1. Still very intimidated by all the cool people that are on here.
    I have no reason to be since everyone is so nice, but I am. It's a personality flaw.
  2. I have no one to go with.
    I don't really want to tell many of my friends about the app cuz I hate sharing and I want it to remain a sacred place. Mostly though, I don't have many friends who I can count on to do fun things. #lame
  3. I would die if I had to speak.
    As in, read a list. Or talk to people. I'm trying not to drink until my bday (June 17) and I know I would need alcohol to facilitate this.
  4. I would feel awkward just sitting there watching.
    I know reading isn't a requirement, but I think I would feel like a creep for not participating.
  5. Afraid people wouldn't talk to me.
    Or wouldn't like me if they did talk to me. Why am so scared of rejection? I'm not really disliked by many irl, so I don't know where this stems from.
  6. I told my parents I would have dinner with them tonight.
    I could easily blow them off but I shouldn't.
  7. I don't know where it is.
    Easy enough to find out, however.