Tv Shows I Wish Would Come Back on the Air or Never Leave

(in no particular order)
  1. Gossip Girl...xoxo
  2. favorite show ever. I love it so much that I named my first born after Burton Guster.
  3. The Jim Gaffigan of my favorite new shows. Warning: your body will physically hurt from laughing so hard.
  4. Ally McBeal...I miss that dancing baby.
  5. 24...because the world just feels like a safer place with Jack Bauer around.
  6. Sex and the every other woman in the world, I too wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw.
  7. Curb Your Enthusiasm...genius.
  8. The Office (American version)...makes me feel like my workplace is almost normal.
  9. Blow Out...because nothing says fabulous quite like Jonathan (and his hair).
  10. Hart of Dixie...makes me want to live in a small town in Alabama, besides, we're all allowed to have that guilty pleasure.
  11. An Idiot just can't write that stuff.
  12. Forever...still upset we never found out what happened with Henry and Jo.