A reminder to my future self about what works
  1. Tiny House, Big Living
    Or any HGTV show. It's nice to see people starting their lives and being adults. I so desperately want to be in that stage of my life. Also, the houses are cute and distract me from my feelings. Most TV shows will work for this purpose.
  2. My mom
    I called her at work and we talked until I was feeling a little better. She is always there to help me with a panic attack.
  3. My best friend
    She listened to me for hours as I told her about my depression and anxiety (I hadn't told her before and I was in a really bad place so I decided to tell her now). Oh how I take her for granted. I'm lucky to have her in my life.
  4. Texts from people asking where I was
    It's nice to know that people notice my absence.
  5. The fact that Jason remembered his past on General Hospital
    I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever. Something that made me happy. Note: GH is a gamble in regards to if it will help. It can often be heartbreaking.
  6. Reading blogs by people who have gone through or are going through the same or similar things as I am
    Makes me feel less alone. I have only recently started to tell my friends about my struggles, so I've have long used this technique to help me feel connected to someone. It also helps me to see what other people have used for coping mechanisms.
  7. Napping
    I have been exhausted lately and taking a nap was a way to show myself some love, which I often find very difficult.
  8. Knowing that I will speak to my therapist soon
    It's not far off, and if I really need her I can call.
  9. My dog
    Something to love/help. Tool for opposite action. People can also work but they're probably not as cute as she is.
  10. Online shopping
    Rewarding myself for getting through the day.