Some of these are painful to remember
  1. Blind Dating
    Chris Pine plays a blind guy looking for love. The friend I watched this with got up and ran away multiple times.
  2. Biodome
    Disgusting scenes. Offensive jokes (that just aren't funny). Sexual harassment. Overall terrible.
  3. Small Town Saturday Night
    Went through a Chris Pine phase in middle school. In this one he plays a musician. The problem with this one was that there was just too many plot lines. He does, however, sing a song at the end of the movie that I immediately bought on iTunes and still listen to because he has a beautiful voice.
  4. Over the Hedge
    I am still mad about this. I wanted to see a Lindsay Lohan movie but Ebert and Roper said that this was better so my dad took me to see this and I was miserable the entire time.
  5. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    I can't stand Matthew McConaughey