My Life Today

  1. today was to be my last day of work at current job
  2. I'm leaving to open my own business
  3. life interfered with a couple of things
  4. first daddy went into the hospital again
  5. then i got a nasty case of bronchitis
  6. yesterday we called in hospice for daddy
  7. my heart is broken
  8. I can't breathe
  9. I have a fever and am on medication so I can't hold my daddy's hand
  10. or hug him
  11. or kiss him
  12. I'm supposed to be building bookshelves this weekend but can't. what with the not being able to breathe and all
  13. I don't know if I'm going to be able to open the store on time
  14. or if it even matters right now
  15. I so badly wanted to be open with daddy still with me but I want to spend all the time with him I can
  16. if I'm working on the store I can't be with him, and vice versa
  17. I'm the praying kind
  18. so pray is what I'll do