My dear friend, @charlottebeee discovered she had this amazing gift a few years ago. Here are some pieces I've commissioned from her, as well as pieces I'm just obsessed with.
  1. This beautiful portrait of @Lauren and her father that I asked Charlotte to make for Lauren's birthday. So beautiful.
  2. This gorgeous portrait of my old boss' mother who passed away a few years ago. This was his favorite photo of her.
  3. This wonderful photo of my best friend who passed away 5 years ago. I sent it to her parents as a gift and they were floored.
  4. This phenomenal photo of my boss' daughter being a princess with Anna and Elsa. Frame and title added later by me.
  5. Another one of my other boss' daughter who is being raised by amazing parents that encourage her to be a warrior. This is one of my favorite ones she's done for me.
  6. A lovely one of my grandparents. My grandma loved this. One of her favorite Christmas presents.
  7. I'm just in love with this one. She's expanding her art into some BEAUTIFUL pieces and concepts.
  8. This is actually my favorite one (I say that a lot). I want a big print of this in my room so bad.
  9. Me and the artist. Highly recommend checking out her Instagram (CharlotteVictoriaArt) and her website: CharlotteVictoria.con