This is QUITE a request...
  1. "I'm Still Here"- Follies
    A phenomenal song that has slightly changed lyrics over the years to fit the different performers. Some of my favorite renditions include Carol Burnett and Elaine Stritch. MUST be sung by someone 60 years or older.
  2. "A Little Priest"- Sweeney Todd
    My favorite song from this show. Sondheim is known for his lyrics (in my mind, at least) and his wordplay in this song is UNREAL. Genius.
  3. Company
    My favorite musical of Sondheim's and my favorite musical of ALL TIME. It's so well put together. The story is timeless. "Being Alive" is THE song that sums up the feelings of the human race.
  4. Into The Woods
    Just an amazingly fun show. Brilliant weaving of fairy tales.
  5. "Take Me To the World"- Evening Primose
    A wonderful duet from a relatively unknown show about mannequins that come to life. One of the mannequins falls in love with a human.
  6. "I Remember"- Evening Primrose
    Another song from this show sung by the main girl who has been living in the department store and is not allowed out. She reminisces about the things outside that she remembers. Stunning.
  7. "What More Do I Need?"- Saturday Night
    Another great song from a small, unknown Sondheim musical. When I first moved to NY, I used to listen to this all the time. Listen, and you'll see why.
  8. "Unworthy Of Your Love"- Assassins
    A hauntingly, beautiful duet sung by the characters of John Hinckley Jr. and Squeaky Fromme. Again, the LYRICS.
  9. "Invocations and Instructions to the Audience"- The Frogs
    This song is just fun.
  10. "Merrily We Roll Along"- Merrily We Roll Along
    A beautiful song, from a beautiful show.
  11. A Little Night Music
    Listen to the Original London Cast with Judi Dench and Patricia Hodge. My parents saw this in London and Ragtime is Los Angeles in the same year and it was those two soundtracks for years in my house.
  12. "Everybody Says Don't"- Anyone Can Whistle
    This song is the best. Empowering. Change the world!
  13. Putting It Together
    This is actually the first "show" I listened to in order to discover Sondheim. I put "show" in quotes because it's really a review, of sorts. It's a bunch of Sondheim songs thrown into a show and woven into a story with 6 people: 3 men, 2 women. It's pretty spectacular.
  14. "Multitude of Amys"- Company (cut song)
    If my future husband doesn't work this in to a proposal/ wedding toast / anniversary of SOME kind.... I will be VERY disappointed.