I could make 20 of these lists.
  1. Barbra and Me
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    We'll start this off with a great, blurry photo of me and B on tour in Tel Aviv. Some people on tour started to call this photo "Ebony and Ivory."
  2. "My Man"- Funny Girl
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    I had never really thought of this song before I heard it over and over again on tour. It really is beautiful. Don't listen to Lea Michele sing it #sorrynotsorry
  3. Barbra on Barbra
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    She's a total goofball. One of my favorite pictures of Barbra on our dinner boat in Amsterdam. She took the whole crew out for dinner and there were special menus made up with her face. The best.
  4. What's Up Doc?
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    One of my favorite Barbra movies featuring a gorgeous Ryan O'Neal and a hilarious Madeline Kahn. Also, I really want that hat.
  5. Advice On Acting
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    When she sent me this great email about pursuing my acting career.
  6. On A Clear Day You Can See Forever
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    An underrated Barbra movie, in my opinion. Brought down, I believe, by the leading man. One day, on tour, Barbra and I were dancing around her room singing "My name is Melinda TENTREES!!" Plus, how FABULOUS does she look in that picture??
  7. Favorite Picture
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    I just really love this picture of her. Woman can WEAR a hat.
  8. Concern for my Mother
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    When she forgot my dad won his Emmy for directing.... But remembered my mother was a writer.
  9. "The Way We Were"- The Way We Were
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    She did a beautiful tribute to Marvin Hamlisch during the tour and it made me cry every night. Just beautiful.
  10. Barbra has a SWEET tooth
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    One time, we had dessert with a Marzipan rose on top. I took a bite and then put it back because I did not love it. Barbra came over and said "you don't like it?" To which I replied "not really. You can finish it if you want." A huge smile came across her face and she snatched it and ate the rest. True. Story.
  11. Barbra Sirius Radio Station
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    When she turned into an adorable school girl, giddy with excitement over her own Sirius Radio Station.
  12. Crimped Hair
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    The woman could pull off crimped hair in 2013. She's officially a goddess.
  13. My Passion for Design
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    Suggested by @chris