1. I Dreamed A Dream
    My senior year of high school and first big role. I had some rough rehearsals because a 17 year old should not be singing this song, but the nights of the show I was very proud. Also, the recording of this got me into NYU.
  2. Come Down From The Tree
    Sang this at my senior recital. It's from the show "Once On This Island" which is primarily an African American cast... So other than my recital, I probably will never sing it again.
  3. New Soul
    I was in a band, briefly, in high school called The Yiddish Wizards. It was me, a guitar/ukulele and a piano. We sang in front of Rita Wilson, who danced and clapped along. It's was amazing.
  4. Not Getting Married
    My favorite musical ever is Company by Stephen Sondheim. I finally got to perform my dream role senior year of college. Let's just say, nobody was as excited and committed as me... And let's just say I need to do it again.
  5. Is It Hot In Here?
    An original musical written by a random man that I performed in college. I had to seduce my gay best friend. t was a highlight in my life.
  6. In My Own Little Corner
    For my senior recital we had to do an abridged version of any musical. I chose Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella because Julie Andrews is my hero.
  7. For Good
    I was lucky enough to sing For Good with Kristin Chenoweth quite a few times. It was an incredibly special moment and turned us into great friends.
  8. Smelly Cat
    I did a ukulele concert where I also sang "Can't Help Fallin' In Love" ... But they asked that I also sing something funny... At the last minute, I had a stroke of genius.
  9. People
    One time during the Barbra Streisand tour, Barbra had to take a call... So I sang People with her orchestra... LOW KEY!
  10. Happiness from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown
    Sadly, my friend passed away five years ago. My friends and I help put on a benefit concert in her honor to raise money for her Scholarship Fund. We sang three big group numbers. It was an extremely moving show.