The day before my 21st Birthday, my friend came to visit from Northern California and we did this 👇🏼 because NO ONE was at Disneyland* *see number 1
  1. Go online and check the "crowd tracker forecast calendar"... Pick a day that says "Ghostown"
  2. Start at California Adventure
  3. Fast pass tickets to World of Color for 10:15.
  4. Fast pass tickets to Cars
    You can also do "Single Rider" line for this ride. No guarantee you'll ride with your friends, but it's fine. No need to for this ride.
  5. Get on Soarin' Over California
    Wait and ask to sit on the TOP ROW.
  6. Go on Grizzly River Run Ride
    This depends on weather. If it's cold... Do NOT go on.
  7. Time for Cars Ride
  8. Get on Toy Story Ride
    3-D ride. SO much fun.
  9. More from to Paradise Pier
    Ride to Hit: California Screamin', Goofy's Sky School (low key most terrifying ride in the entire park), The Little Mermaid, Silly Symphony Swings
  10. Walk through HollywoodLand
    Hit Monsters Inc. Ride. Be prepared for the end of the ride: Roz, the elderly lady in the movie is controlled in real time by a "cast member" and speaks to you.
  11. Head to Disneyland
    Trust me. You'll have time for more later.
  12. Grab a water bottle and a soda of your choosing.
    Snacks throughout the day should be: giant pickle, chocolate covered frozen banana, churro. No questions.
  13. Fast Pass Indiana Jones
  14. Go on Pirates
  15. Go on Haunted Mansion
  16. Go on Splash Mountain
    I say do this regardless of weather.
  17. Grab an Iced Coffee or Mint Julep and some Mickey Beignets in New Orleans Square.
    Keep an eye out for Princess Tiana and her band. They sing and dance and it's amazing.
  18. Go on Jungle Cruise
    Only if you have more time before your Indiana Jones fast pass. If not, skip it. Not worth it.
  19. Go on Indiana Jones
    Make your most terrified friend sit on the far right... They'll be fine, I promise 😏
  20. Head to Tomorrowland
  21. Fast Pass Space Mountain
  22. Probably time for Lunch
    Pizza Port is a classic. Great pizzas, pastas and salads. Also good, Tomorrowland Terrace. Burgers, sandwiches etc. You're going to want to load up on carbs and sugar.
  23. Go on Star Tours
    There are 4 or 5 different adventures to go on in this ride. 3-D ride.
  24. Go on Buzz Lightyear
  25. Go on Space Mountain
  26. Head to Frontierland
  27. Get Fast Pass for Thunder Mountain
  28. Hit the following rides:
    Peter Pan, Alice's Tea Cups, Snow White, Pinocchio, Small World, Alice's Adventure Ride, Mr.Toad's Wild Ride.
  29. Off to Fantasyland
  30. Go on Small World
  31. Go on Thunder Mountain
  32. Go on Matterhorn Bobsleds.
  33. Pineapple Float or Pineapple Fro-Yo in Adventureland near Indiana Jones.
    Long line. Worth the wait. Keep passing by throughout the day, try and hit it when the line is slow.
  34. Paint The Night Parade.
    Starts around 8:30ish... Set up somewhere in Main Street around 6:45ish. Save a bunch of seats and have half your party sit there while you take a trip around the park in the Train! Flip groups of "savers" and "Trainers." Also in this time, grab some dinner on Main Street!
  35. Hop back over to California Adventure
  36. Tower of Terror
    ONLY do this ride at night. If you don't have time before 10:15 World of Color, go after.
  37. Driving?-->Coffee
    Stop in the Main Street area of California Adventure and grab a coffee before driving home.
  38. Hit the tram and bask in your beautiful day.