(Requested by @bjnovak )
  1. Playing House
    I work on this show and it's two amazingly funny women producing, writing, improving and starring in a sitcom about best friends. Highly recommend.
  2. The Dick Van Dyke Show
    The most classic of sitcoms is available (in its entirety) on Hulu. AMAZING show and 99.9% of the jokes are relevant to today.
  3. Laverne and Shirley
    Another classic sitcom about two sisters doin' it for themselves.
  4. Hollywood Game Night
    Maybe one of the best game shows on TV. You like quiz shows? Watch this.
  5. FlashForward
    It only lasted one season, but MY GOD was it original and good. Such an interesting story. Upsetting that we never got a conclusion.
  6. GCB
    HILARIOUS. Comedy about the Christian community down in Texas. Kristin Chenoweth... Need I say more?
  7. Zero Hour
    Another short lived thrilling drama. Great, original story---so obviously it was cancelled.
  8. Manhattan
    Just got renewed for a second season... Thank GOD. About the building of the atomic bomb during World War 2. Such a good show.
  9. Married at First Sight
    Yes, I know it's a reality show, but it's actually really entertaining! Besides, now is the time to get all caught up before season 2 airs.
    Suggested by @carolineschwartz