Bumper stickers and frame plates, also included.
  1. "Italians never die, they just PASTA away"
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    As an Italian, this is extremely comforting.
  2. "Drive it! Like you stole it!"
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    I would strongly advise against this...
  3. Clearly Hugh Hefner's 2001 Volvo.
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  4. IGlas4U
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    I think I'm being offered a beverage? Perhaps a literal eyeglass?
  5. "Pull up. I want to try something"
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    This one is a little blurry because I absolutely did NOT know what he wanted to "try."
  6. "Give blood. Play rugby."
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    In that order? My gut says that's a bad idea.
  7. "No worries. God's got it covered."
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    Well thank Jesus.