Thanks @ListPrompts. Needed this today.
  1. "She's no longer with us..."
  2. Those words were spoken to me over the phone on August 18th, 2010 by Mary Smith at about 1:15pm.
  3. Mary Smith was my best friend Talia's mom.
  4. I just had to correct the word "was" from "is" in the above sentence. 5 years later and it's still tricky.
  5. My best friend was killed by an impaired driver while riding her bike on an open country road in LaOtto, Indiana. Never heard of LaOtto? Of course not, it's literally the middle of nowhere Indiana where you can see MILES ahead of you on the rode and where everything is surrounded by corn fields.
  6. She had bright red hair and was riding a bright green bike with a neon pink helmet.
  7. Kirk Weeks said he didn't see her. He had no personal insurance, no car insurance, an expired license, and opiates in his system.
  8. He should not have been driving a vehicle.
  9. The lab lost his blood sample after the accident.
  10. No charges have ever been brought against him. He is walking around a free man with his family and his only punishment was his license was suspended for 30 days. (...his license that was already expired)
  11. Talia was an only child. Her mother suffered 6 miscarriages before her.
  12. Her parents lost their only child.
  13. I lost a best friend. I flew to Indiana the next day and didn't cry at all until I got there. I was in a severe state of shock.
  14. My junior and senior years of college, I really went inward and had trouble connecting or getting close with anyone (for fear of something like this happening again).
  15. I'm still have trouble meeting new people and maintaining new friends, but I'm getting better.
  16. I truly believe Talia is with me constanty and that the more risks I take, the higher the reward will be.
    Much easier said than done.
  17. Go call your best friend tonight and remind them you love them and that you're always there for them. Love you, T.
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