I love Halloween and often had some pretty creative ideas. Here are a few.
  1. Baby's First Halloween: Pumpkin
  2. Clown. (Face paint, included)
  3. Minnie Mouse.
  4. A mouse.
  5. Belle. (Featuring @mollyb as a cheerleader)
  6. Cat In The Hat. (I was deathly ill this Halloween, but I pulled through for candy)
  7. Tootsie Roll. (Yes, those are tootsie rolls in my hair)
  8. Tamagotchi. (Hand made costume by my nanny, Aura)
  9. M&M. (I got lazy this year)
  10. Mary-Ann from Gilligan's Island. (I had to hold a sign because no one knew what I was)
  11. The Queen of Hearts. (A group costume, complete with Alice (pictured) and a rabbit (not pictured))
  12. Tiger Lily. (Another group costume, complete with Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Wendy)
  13. Ninja Turtle. (Another group costume... I was super into group costumes in college)
  14. Avatar. (I was really committed this year)
  15. Hello Kitty. (I was in Vegas for Barbra's tour this Halloween. I pretty much just dressed up for myself and walked around the casino)
  16. Wonderwoman.
  17. This year, bringing back the Tamagotchi. Get ready.