My boss is secretly taking her best friend to Vegas. She asked me to make a packing list to throw her off. I asked @carey to help me. Get this girl OUT of The Capitol and on to a sitcom.
  1. iTunes Gift Card
  2. Small bills
  3. Collapsible Hula Hoop
    How does she think of these things?!
  4. Water bottle (bpa free)
  5. Peplum top
  6. iphone 4 charger
  7. Biscuit cutter
  8. Something neoprene
    I have been laughing for a solid hour about this one.
  9. Paint swatch
  10. Yesterday's Wall Street Journal
  11. Temporary Tattoos
  12. 3 varied mini airplane bottles of liquoe
  13. Stamps
  14. A hardboiled egg
  15. Seaweed snacks
  16. A book of short stories
  17. Hand sanitizer
  18. Luna Bar in white chocolate macadamia nut
  19. Sharpie
  20. A poem that inspires you most as a woman
  21. A copy of "The Joy of Cooking"
    This was my favorite.