Add what YOU are happy about right now.
  1. My new apartment.
    Still needs some furnishing, but it's in a great location and it feels great to be out on my own.
  2. Productivity
    I'm currently working on my friends web series and I just finished up an acting reel. I feel productive and accomplished and like things are coming together...
  3. This petition I love that people love this show because I love this show and all the people involved in it. I hear even @shondarhimes is a fan... So you know it's legit. cc: @lennonparham
  4. Bob's Burgers
    @carey, @Lauren and my sisters have been begging me to watch. I'm on Season 2. It's really funny, ya'll.
  5. @carey's Essays
    Carey is a BRILLIANT writer and I'm lucky enough to get drafts of her personal essays. They are interesting, daring, unique and beautifully written. I can't wait until she shares them with the world.
  6. @Nicholas and the whole List App Team
    So excited for the public launch of this app. I know Nicholas and everyone at List App has been working hard and I can't wait for more to join in!
  7. Accepting a new job!
    Suggested by   @RachelP
  8. Last two episodes of Buffy season 2 with my girlies tonight.
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey