... She shattered her screen and has never backed it up.
  1. Called a woman named Julie to get musical director ideas for my one woman show that I'm planning to put on in Dec/Jan.
    I got four suggestions. The last one she suggested had moved to Scottsdale.
  2. Called Paleta to make sure my boss isn't getting vegetarian meals on Monday.
    They said they had no record of her getting vegetarian meals, but they would make a note.
  3. Thought about food because I missed lunch.
  4. Asked the Apple Store people if I could leave the phone to back up so that l could go get food and they said no.
  5. Thought about food again.
  6. Found an almond coconut kind bar in my bag and ate it.
  7. Texted my frustrations about the day to @carey
  8. The back up quit.
  9. Restarted the back up.
  10. Got out my check to deposit and endorsed it.
  11. Yelled at the phone to back up faster.
    (Yelled in my head)
  12. Made a list on ListApp