People are not just in graduation robes... (Sorry for some blurry pictures. This was overwhelming and wonderful).
  1. Lots of dogs. I've seen 6 so far.
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  2. People on the lawn. Camping out. It looks like Coachella.
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  3. This lady. Killing the game of life.
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  4. This woman. Wasn't sure if she was lost, but she had a graduation robe slung over her right arm. So, she nailed it.
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  5. This pirate. Obsessed.
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  6. These woodland fairies.
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  7. This future Evergreen student.
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  8. The green power ranger.
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  9. Quailman.
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  10. A Seattle Seahawk.
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  11. One of the village people.
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  12. This kick-ass woman who could be a suffragette along with a civil rights activist. Hat game on point.
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  13. A pensive ram.
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  14. This.
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  15. Jesus.
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  16. Faculty Member.
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  17. This guy.
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  18. A man as confused as I was.
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  19. The lyrics to their fight song. Their mascot is a geoduck. If you don't know what that is... Look it up immediately.
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  20. This beauty. Congrats to my wonderful, unique sister who keeps our lives fun and interesting!
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